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NArray development


Next NArray is under development. The new version is incompatible but much advanced from the old version. Comments are welcome.

NArray old version


NArray is an Numerical N-dimensional Array class. Supported element types are 1/2/4-byte Integer, single/double-precision Real/Complex, and Ruby Object. This extension library incorporates fast calculation and easy manipulation of large numerical arrays into the Ruby language. NArray has features similar to NumPy, but NArray has vector and matrix subclasses.

No new feature will be added to the old version. Please check the new version above.

gem install narray

Extension for NArray


A FFTW3 wrapper for NArray. FFTW is a fast DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) library.


Eigenvalue & Eigenvector method for NMatrix using dgeev & zgeev routine in Lapack. Effort to wrap other Lapack routines is ongoing very slowly.

Projects using NArray

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Last update: Feb 17 2016